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A guide to mounting fire extinguishers in your property

Ensuring fire extinguishers are properly mounted in your property is essential in order to meet British Standards regulations for businesses and rented properties. The right location, the correct height and the appropriate accessories are all paramount when installing fire extinguishers.


Choosing the right location for installing your fire extinguishers can make all the difference further down the line, so getting it right is key. Ideally, fire extinguishers should be placed in a visible and easily reached location and along, but without obstructing, the evacuation route. By doorways and corridors, landings and lobbies are all excellent positions for your fire extinguisher.

To meet regulations, access to an extinguisher should be no more than 30m from the fire location. While extinguishers should be near to risk areas, they should also not put individuals in danger when trying to reach them. Additionally, you should double-check that there isn’t any cabling to restrict access to the extinguisher and that the area it is located in is free daily from extremes of temperature change that could compromise the extinguisher.


In terms of mounting height, the correct height depends on the weight of the extinguisher.

  • At 4kg, extinguishers should be fitted so the carrying handle is 1m from the ground.
  • At under 4kg, extinguishers should be mounted with the carrying handle 1.5m from the ground.


When securing the extinguisher you should ensure that you have the appropriate fittings for the wall you are attaching it to, but also that there are no electrical cables present internally when drilling into the wall. Where a wall fixture isn’t feasible, then a suitable stand should be used. However, be warned that fire extinguishers damage easily, and without the correct stand the extinguisher could topple and lose pressure.

British Standards

By law, businesses and landlords are required to ensure that fire safety regulations are met in accordance with BS5306. Primarily, meeting BS5306 can only be guaranteed by a fire extinguisher service engineer, and at Protect & Detect  our engineers are experienced, friendly and ready to help with keeping your property safe.

Another point of note is that you should be wary of pre-serviced extinguishers. While the purchase of such extinguishers may seem speedy and cost-effective, the service on offer being a maintenance check at the warehouse, pre-serviced extinguishers are not in compliance with British Standards. Only an on-site commission can establish if the extinguisher has been compromised in transit, due to possible pressure loss, hose or carry handle damage.

In short, the only way to ensure if your fire extinguisher is both functioning and correctly installed is for a service engineer to carry out the procedure.

At Protect & Detect we offer a range of services to ensure your property meets all fire safety regulations, including a comprehensive installation and safety check on fire extinguishers in a variety of business fields. For more information on mounting fire extinguishers safely in your property, contact us today.


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